The Akihabara store is our third shop in Tokyo. Together with our two signature bread products, “GokubiNATURAL” and “Gokunama MILK BUTTER”, the shop offers a selection of 16 different varieties of “JEWEL JAM” and rusk made from high-quality bread.The store is conveniently located where it’s easy to shop even on rainy days and it’s abundantly stocked with products that can give you a “breakfast with a little luxury” to look forward to the next day.

<Gokubi NATURAL Bread>

Made from what’s often called the highest grade of wheat from North America, this bread is noted for its crisp and fluffy texture. It’s produced using the “yudane method” to keep the bread moist, and has a gentle fragrance and subtle sweetness from the wheat that you’re sure to enjoy.

<Gokunama MILK BUTTER Bread>

Combining milk and cream produced in Hokkaido, carefully selected butter, and the mellow richness of honey, this bread is produced over a period of 20 hours using low-temperature, long-time fermentation as well as the “nakadane” and “yudane” methods. One bite of this exquisite bread will have you wanting more.